The differences between optimists and pessimists:

The first difference is that optimists see setbacks as temporary, while pessimists see setbacks as permanent.

The difference between pessimists is that optimists see difficulties as concrete, while pessimists think that difficulties are universal. This means that when an optimist goes wrong, he sees the event as an isolated event, totally disconnected from everything else in his life … On the other hand, pessimists believe that disappointment is everywhere. That is, for him, these signs indicate problems or deficiencies in all areas of life. Optimism.

The third difference between activists and pessimists is that optimists view events as external events, while pessimists view events as personal events. When things go wrong, optimists tend to think that frustration is Caused by external factors, which are beyond their control…

On the other hand, pessimists tend to treat everything as individuals … Look at the inevitable setbacks you face temporary, specific and external. Think of a negative situation as a single event unrelated to other potential events, and largely caused by external factors beyond your control. Just refuse to Events are seen as permanent, pervasive, or suggestive of personal incompetence. Whatever happens, you are determined to think like an optimist. You may not have control over the event, but you can control how you react to it. ”



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