Rs200 Prize Bond draw result: 16 September 2019

About Prize Bond

Prize bond is a legitimate paper issued by the State bank of Pakistan in 1960. SBP guarantees that the holder of a Prize bond can trade it with the cash of Pakistan whenever. Prize security plan is controlled by the National reserve funds division.

Albeit under the Prize Bond Rules 1999, just Prize bond Result of the state bank, National sparing focuses, and designated business banks are approved to sell a prize bond, yet its business is running wherever around the nation.

These bonds are without intrigue, nonetheless, prizes are reported by draws after like clockwork. Prize security calendar is issued for this reason and the conveyor can guarantee his prize cash inside six years after the draw.

Estimations of Prize bond

There are prize obligations of 8 unique qualities. The estimations of prize bonds are PKR 40000, 25000, 15000, 7500, 1500, 750, 200 and 100. As indicated by the prize bond plan 2019, consistently prize bond draws are held under the supervision of draw advisory group comprising of one administrator and four individuals.

These individuals are chosen from the Central Directorate of National reserve funds, while state bank workplaces arranged in principle urban communities of Pakistan have these prize security draws. You can discover Prize bond Schedule 2019 here in the article.

Prize bond draw list

The Central Directorate of National investment funds distributes the consequence of prize security draw list on his site as well as in National papers. Normal men called these outcomes as prize bond list. In this sense, prize bond list 40000, prize bond list 25000, prize bond list 15000, prize bond list 7500, prize bond list 1500, prize bond list 7500, prize bond list 200 and prize bond list 100 are distributed in a grouping as per the prize bond plan.

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