Capital Smart City Islamabad — Project Details, Location And Plot Prices

Capital Smart City is a upscale home project of Future Developments Holdings Private Limited, a subsidiary of M/S Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd.. It’s one of largest housing jobs in Islamabad, and also the very first job in Pakistan to present smart city characteristics. Development work on the job has begun already, although the job is yet to be launched formally in Pakistan.

Habib Rafiq (pvt) Limited is a renowned name at the Sector of housing and building with an illustrious history spanning over seven years. Investors and investors around Pakistan have see the grade of growth in DHA and Bahria Town jobs, where significant development work was achieved by HRL & Skymarketing. The programmer has set the very best of its specialist experience and tools in preparation and development of the first ever smart city home project in Pakistan.

Capital Smart City is a licensed home project and it’s Obtained first NOC out of RDA. The society is projected over a place of 45000 kanals of land, while ample region was indicated for future extensions so as to materialize the notion of a smart city.

Capital Smart City

Initially, the development work has begun within a Place of 25000 kanals that’ll keep enlarging over time. The programmer has already obtained over 80 percent of their overall essential land, whereas more land has been bought for future extensions.

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Capital Smart City is intended to be an eco-friendly home Project that will offer exceptional residential and business opportunities for the occupants. Particular attention was given to the preservation of natural surroundings of the beautifully manicured terrain, hence a huge area was left available for farm and parks.

Capital Smart City Islamabad by HRL

HRL has proposed that this smart city on the fundamentals of Self-sustainability keeping in perspective the estimated influx of people in Rawalpindi & Islamabad over time.

Project Location

Capital Smart City is ideally situated near Thalian Interchange at roughly 9.2 KM space from Motorway M-2 Toll Plaza. It drops in Mouza Chahan and Mouza Mandwal using a massive area facing the motorway. It’s easy access through chakri street, moreover its committed interchange from motorway has also been accepted by FWO.

After is the place map of Capital Smart City Islamabad:

Capital Smart City Location Map

New Islamabad International Airport, combined with CPEC Western route, will form the future of improvements in Islamabad. As a result, the positioning of Capital Smart City is of crucial significance. When the connectivity problem is solved, major change of people and companies are going to be towards this newly developing zone across the motorway by Skymarketing. Immediate access through Motorway M-2 Interchange will make it a lot easier for the visitors to journey towards Islamabad City or even New Islamabad Airport.

The Neighborhood

Close-by housing schemes comprise Al-Haram City, CBR Town Phase two, PIA Enclave, Bin Alam City, Blue World City and FGEHF Thalian Housing Scheme. Dozens of new home projects have emerged over the last couple of decades, but barely any society is similar with the idea and criteria of Capital Smart City.

The Master Plan

Capital Smart City’s master plan is meticulously designed with A Singaporean government-owned urban planner”Surbana Jurong”; that is famous for designing smart cities around the world. The consulting Businesses comprise Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Ltd. and Engineering Dimensions Ltd..

The master program map of Capital Smart City is attached below:

Capital Smart City Master Plan

As you can see about the master plan map mentioned previously, you will find Several blocks committed for various sizes of home plots, commercial plots, and plantation homes. You could also observe it is getting immediate access through Motorway in addition to suggested Rawalpindi Ring Road. This double access implies the residents of Capital Smart City is going to be linked with Islamabad, Rawalpindi, New Islamabad Airport in addition to Lahore and Peshawar through major road networks.

Features and Amenities

This master program also has the regions specified for the Following conveniences:

  • Health Zone
  • Commercial Zone
  • Educational Zone
  • IT Village
  • Community Center
  • Grand Jamia Masjid
  • Heritage Parks
  • Crystal Lake
  • Harradine Golf Course
  • Theme Park
  • Grave Yard

Each block is intended is such a Wise manner it has its Own business marketplace, park and Masjid. There’s a huge area reserved for future expansion of this job which is going to be planned over time together with development progress.

Capital Smart City aerial view

Central Boulevard of this society is going to be 350 feet broad and It’ll have 14 lanes. Internal streets will be 150 feet, 120 feet, 100 feet, 80 feet and 60 feet wide. Streets will be minimal 40 feet broad. All streets and roads are well incorporated in a systematic manner,so that traffic flow will be uninterrupted.

Smart City Characteristics

The society will execute an integrated IT infrastructure To document and keep an internet database of actions within the area. Whether it really is the program of public transportation, or the program of events in the community center, the society will keep up-to-date on line record of all actions.

Smart City Characteristics

Capital Smart City is your first ever home strategy in Pakistan to provide smart city centers. The majority of the services are automated including automatic ecological collection, automatic utilities provide, load shedding free surroundings, air conditioning control systems, CCTV with facial and object recognition, free WiFi zones, automatic traffic management and a lot more.

You can find more information about the project characteristics and Planned amenities in the leaflet attached below:

Important Attractions

Capital Smart City has begun to attract Big investors and Associations, and some have inked agreements with the company to open their companies and campuses at the society. Lately Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts has signed agreement with the culture to start up a grand resort which will be finished by 2023. In the same way, Harradine Golf was awarded the job to design a 18 hole golf course in the society.

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A Significant breakthrough has been detected when National Defence University (NDU) inked agreement with HRL to start up an global university campus in Capital Smart City.

Development Progress

Development work on the job has already been pioneered by HRL. A lot of the earthwork has been done, and also a high number of vehicles are actively working to attain the specified development milestones.

Following are a few newest development pictures of Capital Smart City:

If you look at the improvement progress, you May Not be Surprised to know that possessions are beginning from the first quarter of 2020. Overseas block and Executive block is going to be the first to be developed and passed over, while overall farm and block homes will follow shortly afterwards.

Plot Costs and Payment Program

Capital Smart City Islamabad Provides Many Different Choices Including residential plots, commercial plots, luxury villas and farm homes. Presently the society is currently offering 5 marla, 7 marla, 10 marla, 12 marla, 1 kanal and two kanal residential plots; 4 marla and 8 marla commercial plots; and 5 kanal and 10 kanal farm homes on 3 years elastic installment program. The rates are relatively somewhat greater than adjoining housing schemes, but the projected features and the large title of HRL rather warrant the cause of higher costs.

Following are the costs and payment strategy of 5 marla, 7 Marla, 10 marla, 12 marla, 1 kanal and two kanal residential plots:

Plot Size Booking Confirmation Installments x 12 Qtrs Total Cost

5 Marla 210,000/- 210,000/- 140,000/- 2,100,000/-

7 Marla 274,000/- 274,000/- 185,000/- 2,740,000/-

10 Marla 360,000/- 360,000/- 240,000/- 3,600,000/-

12 Marla 398,000/- 398,000/- 270,000/- 3,980,000/-

1 Kanal 540,000/- 540,000/- 360,000/- 54,00,000/-

Two Kanal 10,60,000/- 10,60,000/- 710,000/- 10,600,000/-

Following are the costs and payment strategy of 4 marla and 8 marla commercial plots:

Plot Size Booking Confirmation Installments x 12 Qtrs Total Cost

4 Marla 560,000/- 560,000/- 370,000/- 5,600,000/-

8 Marla 1,120,000/- 1,120,000/- 750,000/- 11,200,000/-

Please be aware that industrial plots are no more accessible on Fresh booking. If you would like to obtain a commercial storyline, you’ll have to cover some gain combined with 20 percent down payment.

Following are the costs and payment strategy of 5 kanal and 10 Kanal farm homes:

Plot Size Booking Confirmation Installments x 12 Qtrs Total Cost

5 Kanal 30,00,000/- 30,00,000/- 20,00,000/- 30,000,000/-

10 Kanal 45,00,000/- 45,00,000/- 30,00,000/- 45,000,000/-

Please be aware that commercial and residential plot costs are Exclusive of development costs, whilst plantation home prices are inclusive of development charges. Estimated growth charges are just 1 lac per marla for residential people and 5 lacs each marla for business plots.

10% discount is appropriate if you pay total amount in the Period of booking, and 5 percent discount is appropriate if you pay 50 percent sum. You will find Very limited selections available for booking, so you need to make your choice Fast in the event that you would like to avail this chance.

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